Still wearing fast fashion? That's awkward.

It's time to say goodbye to fast fashion with threads that match your morals.

We create streetwear for thrifters made from recycled and biodegradable materials. No plastics, no polyester, no new materials — ever. From the product to the packaging, everything is reusable, recycled or repurposed.

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Thrift shopping and living sustainably is an activist movement. Consumer culture has taught us to buy without thinking, but that has to end. We're clogging our planet with our greed and there's no end in sight.

Why not help the planet with your closet instead?


"Fight back against the fashion establishment’s apathy towards their repulsive impact on our environment."  

AK Bryan has lived by this mantra since starting her Instagram and blog account in early 2019. Finding herself frustrated with a closet full of low-quality clothes that fell apart immediately, she set out to find a way to hold herself accountable to breaking the habit of fast fashion. 

Through the discovery of personal style, AK equips her community with the confidence to shop their closets first, then prowl the aisles of a thrift store to pull together a particular look, rather than head to the mall or shop online with fast fashion brands. 

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Recycled and Biodegradable Streetwear
that Gives a Sh*t



No new or single use materials — ever. It's a big promise to make and an even harder one to live up to, but we mean it. We source only recycled or repurposed materials, ensuring that the waste we've already created gets used again and again.


recycled or biodegradable

We pledge to only sell products made from recycled materials or that are completely home biodegradable by design. 

Our planet is already full of trash — why not wear it?


celebrate secondhand

Spreading the word about secondhand shopping is one way that we'll fight the habit of fast fashion. Showing others how easy it is to look good while helping the planet  is crucial!

The Thrift Ring
The Thrift Ring
The Thrift Ring

The Thrift Ring


Please note that these rings are made to order and currently have a 3-4 week production time before shipping

Declare your love for the Thrift Life with a ring inspired by the gold jewelry that often turns up in secondhand shops.

  • Available in size 5 - 9
  • Made from primarily recycled gold with a small amount of fair trade gold
  • All materials are conflict-free
  • All sourcing is done in a manner that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful armed conflict or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law.

Gold: 14k yellow gold vermeil bonded to sterling silver
Silver [COMING SOON]: Rhodium-plated sterling silver


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I see that thrift shopping is also a kismet, serendipitous act, knowing that a piece you’re yearning for is out there waiting for you. It teaches us patience and gratitude.


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